MA Graduation

It might be a bit late in posting about my graduation, but I was overwhelmed with many things since I completed my MA program. It was a wonderful but challenging program that took me three years to complete from the University of Manchester. Taking the decision to make this program via distance learning mode in the Middle East might seem weird since many Arab countries still don’t accredit such kind of programs. However, I felt that it might be absurd that this is still the situation. It is becoming obvious that many Universities and academic institutions around the world invest so much in such type of learning and hence, it has to form a new dimension of today’s learning and educational systems.
In my final dissertation, I discussed the effect of online learning/ education on the current economical recession as well as other world crisis (e.g. H1N1 flu) in forming a solution to learner’s access to education. I also introduce Moodle as a friendly VLE in forming new ways of learning in the Secondary education. If you need further details regarding this study, please email me or add a comment. These are photos of my graduation, too. 🙂

A photo from my MA graduation.. :) on Twitpic

With my tutors, Gary and Juup. Many thanks to all of them. on Twitpic