e-Learning Solution for Teachers

FREE e-learning LMS for Teachers

With the spread of COVID19 virus and disruption of teaching in schools affected by the Coronavirus, we’re going to offer free e-learning course spaces using our LMS platform. The course is completely free with the following conditions:

  • It has been loaded with many interactive tools to make teaching and learning an engaging and enjoyable experience for your learners.
  • We offer limited  support
  • Courses need to be active; that’s you get a course only if you will use it for teaching purposes
  • Preference will be given to government and non-profit courses
Free elearning LMS course spaces are available for teachers!

Fight COVID19 Virus with FREE e-learning Courses and Online Education

We want students to be back to classes as soon as possible and not to be affected by this global disruption. Therefore, ee will help teachers create and maintain ongoing e-learning courses. We will show you how to run and maintain your online courses with your students as per your needs and expectations.

In order to request a new LMS course http://edunile.net/e, contact us now.

We may also offer different teacher-training programs as well as support for IT administrators running similar e-learning environments if deemed necessary.

e-learning for Your School or Organization

If you are interested in using this platform for your school, please contact us for more details.

How to request a FREE course LMS space?