A Debate on Social Networking for Learning

Many people now question the social nature of many web 2.0 technologies. Some of them find it an interesting new way for learning, interacting with others and sharing knowledge and resources. Other may show concerns about its nature and any other related implications. Porter discussed the question of web 2.0 as a promise or a threat in this post. Some even alerted people who share ideas over the internet, mainly bloggers as they might be legally questioned or being arrested for doing so, found in this article and a full official report in PDF.

He refers to this article which shows good potentials of web 2.0, ‘Minds on Fire‘. There are many good dimensions for knowledge and learning that are mentioned in this article. Another forum had a similar discussion where one teacher expressed concerns and wished to be able to delete or control some of her own internet activities. More about it this discussion here.

In all cases, teachers need to fully understand the technologies available and then apply them according their needs and contexts. To successfully achieve this goal, they need to be realistic about which tools they really need that meets their objectives and which aren’t. This is just an initial thought which I hope to develop more through research or further readings later.

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