Egypt 2.0

Few weeks ago no body would have ever believed the amazing political changes that happened so far. It was and still looks like a big dream all Egyptians along with many other Arab countries still experience against oppressive regimes. Egypt

The question that arose to my mind and to many others right after the success of the revolution is “How to change Egypt?” People have always wanted to see it as a developed leading country as it was years ago.. Now it is time for that and many have called it the “Egypt 2.0 new initiative”. Egypt 2.0 seems to be a call for a new real renaissance like the one started in the early 20th century.

The other provoking question that I asked myself was “What would I do to develop the country if I’m the president of the new Egypt?” It seems that many keep asking the same question now since I read many interesting ideas and comments from people and groups in Egypt new through articles, tweets, and social networks.


While thinking about this I remembered a case study that was introduced by our professor at Ain Shams University when talking about curriculum models around the world. He briefly described how Russia that had a wise leader at a certain age managed to change into a developed country and compete with the US within 20 years only. The reason and secret behind that was giving highest priority to “E D U C A T I O N”. Yes, it was education and not WMD or military power, etc. It is obviously that has been ignored and deliberately targeted by the old regime for the last 30 years.

I also remembered suggesting an online educational reform initiative for Egypt that I suggested to a group of online educators about 5 years ago. The idea was surprising to them and one professor even commented that her colleague professor in Malaysia is Egypt which means there can’t be a problem with education in Egypt! What she didn’t realize at that time that Egypt and many other Arab countries have been experiencing a brain drain for many years where educators, genius and motivated people leave the country to fulfill their dreams and achieve success abroad since they can’t achieve it in their own country with the oppressive regime that people used to face.


I do agree with my professor and I also believe that we must look into developing education as the highest priority now. We need to give learners that missing motivation. We need to appreciate the efforts of all teachers and educators across the country. We need to encourage academic and social research efforts. We need to educate all people. We need to get rid of monotony and rigid rules that used to kill hopes and dreams of educators.

Egypt and Arab revolutions have been widely tagged with the use of technology and web or social networks to organize their efforts along with the role of media in sharing their voices after losing that voice for decades. I think that was normal with new technologies emerge among individuals and youth. Social networks made it very easy for poeple to get together and share media files with other thousands of people although they were not allowed to gather with other few peoples by the previous strict laws..

Many discussion groups and social websites have already started inviting others to share their dreams in the way they want to see the new Egypt, Egypt 2.0. One of the interesting websites that is used to fulfill this tasks invites users to suggest ideas and gives others the chance to comment or vote on each idea. So far over 1,200,000 ideas have been shared in that website.



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