New Mooc Introduction

April 10, 2013

Hi, I am writing this post to share my blog page with other participants in the “Language Teaching Mooc“. If you are interested in this new kind of courses, please join us. 😉 So, my name is Ismail Fayed, an Egyptian based in Qatar. I work as an English Lecturer and E-Learning Coordinator at Qatar […]

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Multitasking & Web 2.0

April 19, 2010

I came across an interesting review of a recent study on multitasking. The study highlights the impact of multitasking on each individual using the internet, particularly web 2.0 and social web users. The review is in Arabic, but you still can watch the video or check the bibliography list at the end of that article. […]

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Comparing Different VLEs

June 18, 2008

First, I have no experience using blackboard. That makes it a disadvantage in itself for a web technologies practitioner like me who is always keen to experiment education technology solutions for learning. Affordance is an issue in that respect. If I am to compare between webct and moodle, I would go for moodle. I personally […]

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