How to Implement Technology in the Web 2.0 Era?

November 4, 2009

This post is a suggested topic to include in the edtech chat series. I just would like to move a bit from discussing or debating the advantages/ disadvantages of technology to the actual implementation of it in the classroom. I would love to hear people talking from the field and sharing their real life and […]

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The 6th Sense and Technology

April 11, 2009

It is amazing what technology might look like in the future. Thinking about the possibilities and potentials of applied technologies for accessibility and life might drive one’s crazy. After all, what seemed to be a dream 10 years ago is now a simple reality because of technology! I leave you with this interesting introduction of […]

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A Debate on Social Networking for Learning

June 15, 2008

Many people now question the social nature of many web 2.0 technologies. Some of them find it an interesting new way for learning, interacting with others and sharing knowledge and resources. Other may show concerns about its nature and any other related implications. Porter discussed the question of web 2.0 as a promise or a […]

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CoP Wiki and Reflections

June 10, 2008

For the purpose of research and development of my related to CoP, I have initiated a new wiki space CoP08 where I invited other CoP members to join and share their experience on the same field. So far, we I have received a good number of ideas, published materials, and personal reflections for teachers […]

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It Works!

June 4, 2008

Hi there, Welcome to my new simple Blogo~Nile which is part of Edu~Nile language and educational project. I should confess that I was hesitant trying this new blog as I like the other blog which I kept using for over 5 years now. However, this one looks promising indeed. At least it confirms to me […]

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