TESOL Arabia Conference Online (TACON 2010)

This year I had the pleasure of chairing TESOL Arabia’s new initiative TACON online http://taconference.org. As a dream I had for the last two years, it was finally there for the ELT community in the ME and around the world. TESOL Arabia Online 2010

Initiating this environment was not an easy process. However, it was a wonderful learning experience. It took me few months to prepare and understand most concepts related to this new system. Away from my teaching and other family duties, I think it was a wonderful experience that I enjoyed and feel proud of starting.

Many teachers nowadays need to realize the importance of initating or being involved in communities of practice or in other ways social networks of interests. Such communities provide great opportunities for development and collaborative support. You are all welcome too to join and access this year’s conference materials and discussions.

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