Resources for Researchers

I received this list of resources for researchers for teaching writing from ELTECS. I thought it is worth to be shared here..
Resources for researchers
This database is for teachers and researchers who would like to download and
/ or read full-text articles. If you want to get full-text documents, choose
Advanced Search and then write your key words but do not forget to tick
“Show only results with free full text directly from ERIC”. I did and got
8568 articles as a result to the following two key words: ‘teaching’
‘writing’. Obviously, please notice that you can refine your search
according to level of instruction, type of publication, and date of
You can also consult abstracts of many articles and other publications if
you run a Basic Search. Highly recommended.
The Bedford Researcher
This site is a good place for MA / doctoral students who are writing their
theses. It takes them through many tutorials on how to write, present,
report, etc. research findings. It also contains a tutorial on plagiarism
and how to avoid it. There are many payable options on this site but the
freebies are very interesting too.
The Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Writing
This one is really my favourite! It contains a book of annotated
bibliography of different areas related to writing and composing. There is a
total of 704 documents. A major advantage of the online version is that it
contains hyperlinks for cross-references and it is easy to spot the
reference you are looking for.
The Research Exchange
This is a plce where you can create an account for free in order to discuss
findings in research reports by researchers. Or else, you can use this site
as a starting point to navigate the findings of the reports in their
respective sites or to ask for the findings from the researchers.
Writing Selves/Writing Societies: Research from Activity Perspectives
edited by Charles Bazerman and David R. Russell (2003)
This site contains a book for free. You can download it as one file or as
separate articles (chapters). The themes of the book cover three major
areas: “the role of writing in producing work and the economy; the role of
writing in creating, maintaining, and transforming socially located selves
and communities; and the role of writing formal education.” (in their own
words). There are more books here:
Please expect more interesting resources in an upcoming posting on: Journals
and periodicals.
*Selected and annotated by Abdelmajid